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Your Personal Consultation

 During your personal consultation with Marie-Eleana, you will receive attentive and thoughtful analysis of your case. We will assess what specific work needs to be done on your case. Once we gain clarity of the facts of your particular case, we will gain a better sense of the work required.

Appointment attendance can be flexible to suit your situation.  In addition to meeting in person, you may choose to have the appointment over the phone, on Skype, WhatsApp or Viber.  


Each consultation runs between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time needed. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to understand the legal issues at hand.


Consultation Fee

Please note that you will be required to pay an office consultation fee. The fee for the consultation is $200. Payment for the consultation fee shall be made in advance of your appointment, and can be made by check, U.S. Money Order or PayPal.

The consultation fee will be credited towards our attorney’s fee if you decide to hire our office within one [1] week of your consultation.


Attorney Fee

The attorney fee for each case will vary depending on the type of case. We are happy to discuss the attorney fee with you at the time of your consultation as each case is unique. 


Prior to the Consultation

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire before coming to the office, and return it to the office in advance, via email or facsimile.  We require that you be bring the completed questionnaire to the appointment.


What to bring to the Consultation

You will be asked to bring any document(s) with you that may be relevant to your case including copies of previously filed immigration applications/petitions, if any.  Also, bring if you have them, copies of passports; marriage licenses; divorce and or adoption decrees; birth certificates; arrest records and any correspondence you may have sent to or received from USCIS.


Please Note 

Once your personal consultation time is agreed, and payment is received, I will clear my schedule to make myself available for you, so if you can’t make this appointment, kindly notify us as soon as possible.  If you do not show up for your consultation or cancel at least 4 hours before the appointment, the $200 consultation fee is non refundable. 

After the consultation, you do not have to retain our office for your case.